Why Do I Struggle With My Weight?

Have you ever felt trapped by your body or failing health? When you’re struggling with your weight, losing weight and keeping it off can seem almost impossible. For most people it’s not simply a matter of willpower or just sticking to a diet and exercise regime. Your body actively resists weight loss, and when you finally do lose weight, your body works overtime to put it back on. This represents a powerful current carrying you in the wrong direction; it’s why so many people feel trapped in their bodies and current state of health.

Before successful weight loss, overweight patients often describe weight loss as climbing up a sheer mountain without a rope. After struggling to lose 20 or 30 pounds, they fall back down. The fact is most severely overweight people struggle to lose weight even with a strict diet and exercise regime. Conventional tactics like consuming fewer calories or exercising rarely translates into lasting results for severely overweight patients.

Your Body’s Fighting to Keep Weight On

Often as people gain weight, leptin—a hormone responsible for suppressing food intake—becomes desensitized, which means it takes more food to feel full. This desensitization persists for a time after you switch to a healthier diet, meaning you may continue to feel unsatisfied with normal amounts of food. Additionally, after abrupt weight loss, your body enters ‘starvation mode’ where it believes it needs to retain the remaining weight to survive, slowing metabolism and hindering further weight loss.

The other problem is most severely overweight people who lose weight through diet and exercise end up gradually regaining it. Again, the reason is after you lose weight, even when you’re on a healthy diet, your body believes it’s starving because of the weight loss. It pumps out hormones designed to make you hungrier, and reduces metabolism so you begin to gain weight again. Between 80% and 95% of severely overweight patients who lose weight regain their weight within just a few years.

It’s Not Just About Willpower

This means, if you’ve tried to lose weight and failed, you’re not alone. It’s not simply a matter of insufficient willpower or dieting—it’s a matter of nutrition and lifestyle excellence. Lifestyle medicine can be the powerful tool you need to level your playing field, reverse this biological trap, and give you a meaningful opportunity at lasting weight loss.

Lifestyle Medicine Can Help

Lifestyle medicine has helped thousands of patients lose weight and keep it off, because lifestyle medicine can reduce how much patients need to eat in order to feel full*. Using lifestyle medicine overcomes the body’s natural tendency to regain weight. The stomach naturally fills up more quickly with foods that resist weight gain, restricting your calorie intake without limiting the amount of food eaten.

This enables lifestyle medicine patients to not only lose weight but keep it off for many years*. Multiple studies have shown patients who choose nutrition and lifestyle excellence lose their unwanted weight and keep it off long-term. When committing to the full process, our patients can exceed their expectiations. *

You Are Not Alone

You may feel alone in your struggle with weight loss, but thousands of people have walked through your struggles to emerge victorious. Our team has on-going commitment to your clinical care through follow-up lifestyle medicine consults and wellness coaching. These resources can serve as an invaluablde resource to you. It can provide nurturing motivation and encouragement when you need it most during your weight loss journey.